4 Ways To Relax and Undwind

June 13, 2014
Life can be stressful, and after a busy week, what better way to detox, and de-stress than to throw yourself a soothing day, dedicated to just relaxing. If you’re in need of unwinding and laying low, read on to find out 4 amazing ways to put your mind at ease and all your troubles behind you… As an additional suggestion, you might want to consider a foot detox using the ionic foot bath which is designed to relax the user whilst drawing toxins out of the body.

Face mask

There’s no better way to relax than popping on a face mask, blasting the mood music and lighting soothing candles. To create you perfect face mask, either purchase one at your local drugstore, or mash 1/2 an avaocda and then apply it to your face. Allow your self to tune out and just enjoy your moment of spa bliss!


Did you know some teas are proven to lower the stress level in your brain? Chamomile is one of them! The soothing light herbal flavours of the tea will instantly relax your muscles and leave you feeling rejuivinated and composed. After a cup of this miracle tea, you will be ready to take on anything!


If you have some spare time in your schedule, yoga is one thing you should be sure to fit in! Either look up a yoga class online, or just make your own moves as you go! Something as simple as downward dog, or complex as the warrior series, will take your mind off the angst in your mind! Don’t forget to lie down at the end of your yoga session and let your muscles and mind recover from the tough workout. If you begin to enjoy doing yoga, why not check out the courses that Marianne Wells Yoga School has to offer? You could even make a career out of yoga if you wanted to!

Make a List

Some times the best cure to having a lot on your plate is just to write it all down! Once you jot down all you to-do’s you can get to work in an organized fashion! Writing down the stresses in your life will let you release the stress from your mind and put it on paper instead.
Hopefully you enjoyed these easy and super helpful tricks and tips to relax and unwind. What’s stressing you out at the moment? Leave a comment below letting F&B Inc know how you conquered your stress!

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