Fab Food: F&B Inc Visits The Momofuku Milk Bar Cube In Toronto

May 18, 2014

Momofuku Milk Bar. Those three sugar-coated words are absolutely heavenly to just about anyone with a serious sweet tooth or an affinity for all things trendy in the baking world. Momofuku Milk Bar is the sweeter than sweet dessert branch of the iconic Momofuku restuarant founded by Christina Tosi and David Chang. With highly successful Momofuku restaurants in Toronto, New York and Sydney and the illustriously adorable Milk Bar in Toronto and New York it is safe to say that the Momofuku name is one that is both internationally recognized and universally adored. At F&B Inc it is obvious that anything sweet, girly and delightfully fun instantly has us intrgiued and hence when we were invited for a sugary sweet afternoon at the Momofuku Milk Bar in Toronto we were beyond excited. 

The Momofuku Milk Bar in Toronto is located beside on the city’s most chic hotel, The Shangri La on University Avenue. The Momofuku Milk Bar Cube is on the second level of the contemporary cool Momofuku restaurant. The Milk Bar cube is a candy’s lovers heaven, a dessert fanatics’ paradise, a baked good’s connoisseur’s drew, come true. Pink and silver wire baskets are lined up outside the posh cube which is lit up with neon lights and rows upon rows upon rows of cookies, cakes, pies and endless treats!      
The Milk Bar may be refrigerated at a chilly temperature to keep all the goodies perfectly fresh, but the cube is truly a hot spot! People are always coming in and out of the cube, picking up a few cookies to treat themselves with throughout the week, or grabbing one of Momofuku Milk Bar’s famous Crack Pies for an extra special party delight. 
So, what’s on Momofuku Milk Bar’s Toronto menu? A little bit of everything! The cookies are absolutely incredible and come in six fantastic flavours: blueberry & cream (it’s grandma’s classic blueberry pie in cookie form oozing with a creamy after taste), compost cookie® (tastes like a coffee shop with a mixture of everything inside each bite), corn (sweet, crunchy and delicious), cornflake marshmallow (melt in your mouth marshmallow goodness with a sweet carmel cornflake after taste), maple-pecan-coconut (exclusive to Toronto, this all-Canadian cookie is perfect for maple loving canucks) and peanut butter (the best peanut butter cookie you’ll ever taste. We recommend it heated up!) 

Momofuku Milk Bar’s famous Crack Pie is definitely a must-taste! Addictive as sweet treats come, this ooey-gooey, carmel goodness is like a butter tart, but better. Buy this scrumptious pie by the slice or as a whole pie to enjoy with friends at your next dinner party. In need of a cute gift for a friend? Momofuku Milk Bar’s truffles are sure to impress. Available in packages of three or twelve, Momofuku Milk Bar offers chocolate malt cake truffles, dulce de leche truffles and b’day truffles (warning: these are absolutely amazing and will have you 100% hooked!) The best part about these truffles is how cute they are, the flavour combinations are so creative and each truffle is crafted to look beautiful and scrumptious!

The Momofuku Milk Bar Cube also has a range of fabulous baking mixes. You can whip up cookies in virtually every flavour under the sun from confetti cookies to crack pie cookies and enjoy the warm home-baked goodness of fresh out of the even Momofuku Milk Bar treats. The Milk Bar is also stoked up cereal, t-shirts, tote bags and cook books to ensure your Milk Bar experience is forever lasting!
No visit to Momofuku Milk Bar is complete without sampling their absolutely divine new soft-serves! These creamy, dreamy corn-flake coated soft serves are absolutely deluxe and the perfect thing to indulge in when shopping down town with you sister, your mom, your best friend or you boyfriend! 
Overall, it is safe to say F&B Inc is absolutely in love with Momofuku Milk Bar! All of the Milk Bar goodies are sweet, delectable and totally desirable. Whether you’re giving Milk Bar desserts as a gift or enjoying them with friends they are decadent in simply every way. 

If you haven’t already checked out the Momofuku Milk Bar consider this your formal invitation. The Milk Bar goodies are incredible and a must-try. Order something online and have it shipped to your house or head to the Milk Bar Cubes in New York or Toronto to indulge!

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