Fab Food: Cute & Tasty Urban Mama Cupcakes

May 1, 2014
Who doesn’t totally adore cupcakes? They are sweet, delicious and so cute! There is no better place to get your perfect cupcakes from, than Urban Mama Cupcakes.  Urban Mama Cupcakes are delivered straight to your door, they are homemade, and are irresistibly yummy. Made from scratch, and baked daily, there’s no better way to have a bite of heaven, then to bite into a fabulous Urban Mama Cupcake.

Urban Mama Cupcakes have tons of different and equally decadent flavours. From red velvet, to coconut vanilla, there is sure to be countless cupcakes from Urban Mama that you will fall in love with. Whether you’re hosting a slumber party, girly luncheon or are just in the mood to kick back with your bestie and enjoy some sweet treats Urban Mama Cupcakes are hard to resists. With a light, fluffy cake and thick, creamy and oh so delicious frosting these tiny deserts are positively perfection.

If you love the looks of these tasty desserts, be sure to order them on line at or call 416 834 9506 to get them today! Urban Mama Cupcakes was founded by cupcake connoisseur, Georgina Bisbikos, and all the treats sent out are clearly made with a lot of love. You are guaranteed to love them. Totally tiny and adorably bite-sized these little bits of yumminess are completely addictive. 

What are you waiting for? Order your Urban Mama Cupcakes today to see what all the fuss is about! You will not regret your order what so ever!

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