3 Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Pandora

May 5, 2014
Pandora Jewelry

Forget diamonds, every one knows that a girl’s real best friend is her mom! Your mom is the one who teaches you how to be the best person you can be, is always there to catch you when you fall and inspires you to live a bigger, brighter and happier life every day. There isn’t anyone else in the world you would rather call “mom” than your own beautiful mother and this mother’s day it’s time to show her how much she really means to you. Pandora is a jewellery line all about celebrating the unforgettable moments in life, and what moments could you want to treasure more in life than those which you share with your mom? F&B Inc has rounded up the top three pieces from Pandora to gift your ma this Sunday!

Shimmering Lace Earrings 

Pandora Jewelry
When it comes to earrings this stunning pair of silver drops are pretty hard to beat! With a delicate and lady like lace design and a shimmering shine, these gorgeous dazzlers are the perfect way to show your mother how much you love her. Buy Pandora’s Shimmer Lace Earrings for your mom and she’ll be absolutely thrilled. 

Pink Enamel Rose Garden Ring

Pandora Jewelry
Roses are feminine, beautiful and synonymous with love! Pandora’s Pink Enamel Rose Garden Ring is so gorgeous and perfect for your mom. The pale pink enamel is whimsical without bend over the top girly and the classic rose crafted from premium sterling silver is timeless. This is also a fabulous gift for girls not looking to break the bank (at just $55.00 this ring is something you can’t go wrong with!)

Pink Pave Heart Charm 

Pandora Jewelry
If your mom has a Pandora charm bracelet she’ll love this Pink Pave Heart Charm (if she doesn’t already have a bracelet be sure to gift her one!) The pretty heart shape and gorgeous pink gems make this charm classic and forever stylish. What makes this gift even better is the meaning behind it. What’s more thoughtful than a heart charm to symbolize the love you have your mom? 
Whatever you choose to give your mom this mother’s day remember anything from Pandora will delight her to no end! This Sunday make your mom feel special and enjoy your mother’s day together. 

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