Go Bold: 3 Accessories To Rock With OPI’s Little Bits Of Neon Polishes

April 28, 2014

Are you the kind of girl who loves nails that are “OMG” worthy? Do you love funky, fantastical and extremely bold manicures that pack a serious punch? Are you all about OPI when it comes to your tips? If you answered “yes” to the above questions then OPI’s newest collection Little Bits Of Neon is perfect for you. The collection is fabulously fun with shades all designed to bring your nails to life. There is truly nothing like a brightly coloured manicure for Spring, and this season you can get your best nail look with OPI! Dying for a look at how to accessorize after you’ve clad your nails in shimmery, shiny and all-out cool colours? F&B Inc has you covered…

Accessorize With: Johnny Loves Rosie Statement Necklace 

This OPI collection features an array of hot polishes that are totally on fire! If you’re favourite polishes in the collection are Juice Bar Hoping (a tangy orange) and Down To The Core-al (vibrant hot pink) you’re going to want a bold necklace to help make your tips shine. In terms of accessories, a Johnny Loves Rosie statement necklace is the only way to tie this fun and funky look together.

Accessorize With: Frisk Boutique Butterfly Necklace

If you’re favourite polishes from the OPI collection are more relaxed such as Life Gave Me Lemons and You Are So Outta Lime! you’re going to want an accessory that is more feminine and girly. There is nothing like Frisk Jewelry’s pretty Butterfly Necklace to help add a dose of glitz and whimsicality to the look. 

Accessorize With: Mall Of Style Luxury Statement Earrings 

If you love all the polishes in the collection who doesn’t?) you’re going to want an accessory that compliments all the colours. There is nothing as glamorous and chic as Mall Of Style’s Luxury Statement Earrings! These earrings are bold and beautiful with their multi coloured faux gems designed fabulously for the OPI Little Bits of Neon collection.

What is your favourite OPI Little Bits Of Neon and accessory combination suggested by F&B Inc? Leave a comment bellow to share your ideas!
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