Fashionable Fitness: Amazing Ballet Workouts Only At The Extension Room

April 2, 2014

extension room, extension method

Take just one step into the chic and glamorous Extension Room studios and instantly you feel alive. The soft grey brick walls, vast mirrors and shimmering chandeliers seem to signal to dancers that they are welcome and the Extension Room is a place to relax and just dance. The Extension Room was founded by the gorgeous Jennifer Nichols in 2003 and was designed to be a place where The Extension MthodTM could prosper! So, what is The Extension MethodTM? Essentially, it’s a highly innovative form of athletic training that combines ballet choreography as well as fitness moves (cardio, pilates, yoga) to create one intense workout that gets you in shape, toned, feeling fit all while maintaing the grace and beauty associated with ballet!

extension room, extension method, ballet, dance, fitspo

The Extension Room offers an incredible array of classes and it doesn’t matter if you’ve taken dance all your life, or don’t even know what a plie is…the Extension Room welcomes anyone and everyone. As soon as the music starts and the sweet and smiley Jennifer starts pumping out dance moves everyone in the class follows along with passion and spirit. The Extension Room is definitely a place for people who love fitness and are inspired by movement. With a motivational playlist consisting of current artists such as Macklemore and Ellie Goulding as well as lesser known synth and electronic singers, everything about the classes get you up and movie and having fun. 
It would definitely be a challenge to find anyone who had anything negative to say about their Extension Room class! After classes all the dancers leave feeling amazing and everyone is smiling, chatting and rehashing their favourite moves from class. It is clear the Extension Room is built on a close-knit sense of community as well as a common love for all things dance related. 
The Extension Room’s most popular class is their Allegro Ballet Bootcamp which is a fun fusion of ballet featuring conditioning targeted at your entire body. The best part about this class is that all the moves are beautifully lyrical meaning that you don’t feel bored while exercising as you’re so inspired by the choreography you’re working on.  Of course their vast list of classes means their is truly something for everyone.
Overall, the Extension Room is absolutely amazing and the ideal studio for an incredible dance inspired workout. Be sure to sign up for a membership with the Extension Room to see what The Extension MethodTM hype is about online here and stay tuned for more fitness posts coming soon. 

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