Exclusive Interview With Model, Makeup Artist & Jewelry Designer Myles Sexton

April 24, 2014
Myles Sexton

Not many have a resume as impressive as Myles Sexton. The ever-artistic Myles is a makeup artist, model, an insane fashion icon and the jewelry designer behind MSextonDesign. With his debut runway show for MSextonDesign at the commencement of this year, Myles has sky rocketed as a jewelery designer and his extremely artistic, uber edgy and all-out funky pieces are becoming everyone’s obsession. From MTV host Pheobe Dykstra to Nelly Furtado, the list of A-Listers in love with MSextonDesign could go on forever!  

Myles Sexton
Myles has always had a love for style, art and creating and says there wasn’t a time when fashion wasn’t a part of his life. “I’ve always wanted to project something through my personal style. I’ve always had specific looks in my head that I try to accomplish through my style.” There is no denying Myles is a full-on fashion plate who serves up serious style inspiration every time he steps out into the city! The amount of love Myles has for creativity was clear in this recent collection which took him two years to complete! 
Myles Sexton
What was the inspiration behind the collection? “I always like to design with the idea of Gods and Goddesses in mind, I love creating pieces that are very individual and very self expressive to the person wearing each piece.” Each piece in the collection has a very powerful and strong vibe whether due to crazy studs or dramatic dark colours, this collection is for risk-takers and fearless fashionistas! “This season I used the wings of the Elytra Beetle in my collection.” continued Myles  “I really wanted to play off of the natural shapes of the beetles when hand embroidering them onto leather neck pieces and jump ringing them onto chain.” How perfect? 
Learn more about the amazing Myles Sexton in his all-new, exclusive interview with F&B Inc bellow! 

Myles Sexton
F&B Inc: What influences your clothing and accessories?
Myles Sexton: This season all the clothing was done by Luca Galardo designer of Diodati and each look was paired with my jewelry. The clothing and jewelry together represented a very genderless silhouette. Most of my personal influences come from other ancient cultures and how they would style themselves. What represented gender through style in those time periods i find very interesting and relatable when designing my pieces.
F&B Inc: When did you first have an interest in fashion and style?
Myles Sexton: I think as long as i can remember i always had a inspiration i wanted to project through my personal style. Though at an younger age it was animal tshirts and track pants i always had a very specific look in my head that i had to accomplish through my style.
F&B Inc: What are your future goals for your line?
Myles Sexton: I would like to continue to grow as a designer and to expand my line into other countries around the world.

F&B Inc: What has been your proudest moment as a designer so far?
Myles Sexton: Having the opportunity to design a piece of jewelry for Grace Jones would have to be one of my proudest moments!
F&B Inc: What is your design mantra?
Myles Sexton: Being proud of what makes you unique is real beauty.
Overall, it is safe to say Myles Sexton is a truly talented individual whose jewelery is by far the next big thing! Be sure to follow Myles on Twitter and Instagram to never miss an update from his exciting life in the fashion lane.

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