Shop In Style: Fall In Love With ZOEII Boutique’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

March 16, 2014

zoeii boutique

If you take just one step inside the deliciously adorable ZOEII Boutique located in down town Toronto, you’re stepping into every girl’s petite and sweet shopping dream! Racks lined with flirty dresses and skirts, tables topped high with bedazzled accessories and of course a fabulous atmosphere for shopping the chicest new fashions! ZOEII Boutique has been open for just over a year and since it has been introduced to Toronto, the shop has effortlessly blossomed into every fashionista’s go-to destination for adorable outfit guaranteed to look stellar. 

ZOEII Boutique features fun clothes for the down-town chick looking for chic fashions at great prices. ZOEII’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection features an array of brightly coloured chiffon summer dresses designed to flatter any body type. Whether you’re headed out on a first date, a picnic with your friends, a walk around the block with your dog or a sexy night on the town ZOEII has a cute dress for you. On the accessories side, ZOEII is anything but lacking! Filled with funky hats, chunky purses and shimmery jewelry this is the boutique for oh la la additions to any outfit.
Check out some of the most beautiful pieces in ZOEII’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection bellow from their stunning photo shoot…
zoeii boutique, amanda fridayzoeii boutique, pour house pub
zoeii boutique, amanda friday
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zoeii boutique, amanda friday, summer fashion toronto
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Photography: Hannah Jones | Restaurant: Pour House | Models: Victoria Page Model Management
ZOEII Boutique was created to be a posh little shop where any girl can go to find her perfect outfit. When you enter ZOEII Boutique you’re greeted by stylists who will instantly become your best friends and you will be shopping only the cutest clothing to be found! 
Overall ZOEII Boutique is downright divine and definitely a go-to shopping gem for any girl! Keep up with ZOEII on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to check back on the blog soon for more fun posts on the best boutiques.

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