Exclusive Interview With Jewellery Designer Liliana Athena of Handmade By Liliana

March 25, 2014

Every little girl has a memory of sitting down with her mother, or her best friend and making friendship bracelets. There is something about the brightly coloured strings and bold beads that attracts girls from an early age and tends to leave us forever in love with baubles. You can still stay on track with the friendship bracelet craze with Adina’s Jewels charm bracelets you could get for your friend, and perhaps get a matching one for yourself! You can find more information at Of course most of us outgrow our creative jewellery design afflictions, but Liliana Athena is definitely not one such girl! Liliana Athena is the incredible jewellery designer behind Handmade By Liliana. Liliana’s love of jewellery design started with those promising friendship bracelets and developed from hemp to beads to metal. Today, Handmade By Liliana is one of the best and most beautiful handmade jewellery lines available online!

So, how exactly did Liliana go from a bead loving little girl to a full-fledged designer? “It began when I was in Grade 10 and I was creating bracelets, necklaces and headbands for myself that I could wear to school and dance class. I started getting orders for accessories from friends and their parents and from there it just took off!” Pretty cool, huh? Handmade By Liliana is designed for every girl in the world! Whether you’re girly, classic, funky or sporty Liliana has designed a beautiful piece of jewelry for you. Not to mention Handmade By Liliana is also designed for brides to be! “Handmade by Liliana’s biggest accomplishment to date, has to be expanding into the bridal world. We have been receiving lots of bridal orders for the 2014 wedding season for the bride’s jewellery on their special day, as well as bridesmaids and flower girl jewellery and gifts!” Talk about exciting!

Handmade By Liliana is definitely one of the most unique, beautiful and beloved jewellery lines on the market today as it truly is one of those lines that is all about functionality. “My accessories can be worn with anything from a casual outfit to more formal attire.” says Liliana. Liliana has a classic yet contemporary design aesthetic and uses only the highest quality materials meaning her pieces will last you a lifetime. If you feel inspired to follow a similar path to Liliana, then you can do that right now. You can learn more about jewelry here and hopefully this will put you on the right path to starting up your own jewellery line.

Dying to learn more about the creative force behind Handmade By Liliana? Keep reading for F&B Inc’s exclusive with Liliana Athena…

Annie Robinson, Liliana Athena, Starbucks, Handmade By Liliana

F&B Inc: What was the best advice you were given when starting your line? Liliana Athena: The best advice I was given when starting my line was from a lady who worked at one of the jewelry supply stores I source my materials from. I was in there one day with my mother and she said to me “Always love what you make. As long as you love it, others will. Your jewelry is your masterpiece, never be embarrassed to tweak it until it is perfect in your eyes.” F&B Inc: What is your favourite piece right now? Liliana Athena: My favourite piece right now has to be my rose gold, bone skull bracelet. I am obsessed with rose gold, and love how it complements the bone culoured skulls. It’s a bracelet that again could be dressed up or down. It is the perfect combination of girly (sparkle) & edgy (skulls), and anyone who knows me, knows that “sparkle” might as well be my middle name!

Liliana Athena, Handmade By Liliana, Starbucks, Fashion & Beauty IncF&B Inc: How would you recommend girls style your jewelry and accessories? Liliana Athena: I would recommend that girls not be scared to use colour. All of our pieces play with colour, and the boldness would scare some. But I would definitely tells girls to embrace the pops of colour, jewelry and accessories are a fun and easy way to dabble in new trends! F&B Inc: What inspires your designs right now? Liliana Athena: Right now, I would say that my designs are inspired by colour, I try to incorporate colour into my pieces all year round, not just in the spring and summer. F&B Inc: Why is it important that your pieces are all handmade? Liliana Athena: It is very important to me that all of my pieces are handmade because every piece that we make is made to perfection. We design, create, and sell pieces that we put our hearts into making. And we think that handmade jewelry offers something special to our clients; a little piece of us and our passion for what we do. F&B Inc: What is your advice for girls who want to start their own fashion/accessories line? Liliana Athena: The best advice I could give girls who are starting their own fashion/accessory line would be to not only make things that follow trends, but don’t be afraid to be unique and throw your own twist into your creations. Like I was once told, if you love what you make, everyone will

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon featuring outfit ideas inspired by Liliana’s beautiful accessories and don’t forget to buy your favourite pieces from her amazing Esty account today!
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