Asia’s Next Top Mode Exclusive: Meet Sneha Ghosh of India

March 24, 2014
Asia's Next Top Model

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 is under way and proving to be one of the hottest reality TV shows in the Asia-Pacific region! Modelled of of Tyra Banks’ infamous America’s Next Top Model, this Asian high-fashion show features a large cast of hopeful models from everywhere in Asia! All sixteencontestants are fighting for the coveted title of “Asia’s Next Top Model” as well as a three-month contract with Storm Model Management in London, the chance to appear in a spread and on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore/ Malaysia, a cash prize courtesy of FOX International Broadcast, a Subaru XV car and the chance to become a TRESemme model in their new 2014 campaign! What’s it like competing on one of the biggest modelling shows in Asia? Contestant Sneha Ghosh of India spills all to F&B Inc…

Sneha Ghosh first began modelling professionally in early 2013, however she experimented with modelling throughout college and graduated with the title Femina Miss India. Sneha grew up dreaming modelling, but hailing from an Orthodox Indian family where being a model wasn’t viewed as an appropriate career choice held her back. However, Sneha’s intense passion for fashion was unbreakable and she wouldn’t let anything stop her from pursuing her modelling dreams on Asia’s Next Top Model! 
F&B Inc: What was your first reaction when you found out you would be competing on Asia’s Next Top Model?
Sneha Ghosh: I thought it was too good to be true!

F&B Inc: What was your experience like on the TV show?
Sneha Ghosh: I was sleeping, eating and breathing melodrama all the while.
F&B Inc: Who were your best friends on the show and did you have any enemies?
Sneha Ghosh: Well, I had friends and hopefully a few foes. My besties were Jodilly , Nicole and  Katarina. We were officially called the Alliance Of Four.

F&B Inc: What was the best modelling advice you were given?

Sneha Ghosh: Awkward is Beautiful.
F&B Inc: What are your future goals as a model?
Sneha Ghosh: I want to be a Super Model. VS Angel is the dream!

While Sneha was eliminated in Episode 7 it is impossible to ignore the fact that she was an amazing model throughout her time on the show and her passion and dedication for fashion will take her far in this industry! Stay tuned for more Asia’s Next Top Model Exclusives coming soon! 

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