Meet Up And Coming YouTube Star Georgia Rene In This Exclusive Interview

February 25, 2014

If you love listening to covers on YouTube F&B Inc is about to introduce you to one of the most talented artists on the internet today: Georiga Rene! With her soulful voice and passion for music, this sixteen-year-old music sensation has made a name for herself the way so many music lovers do…on YouTube! “I have always loved watching YouTube videos, so I uploaded a cover on impulse one day! It was kind of freaky but the feedback I got was great (compared to what I had in mind!)!!” Georiga’s friends and fans give her a lot more than just “great” feedback! They gush about her music and are inspired by the pure dedication hard work she puts into her channel.

Georgia’s channel is relaxed, easy going and totally fun! Georgia covers music that connects to her and always finds a way to make it her own. Being the fun-loving, quirky and creative girl Georgia is she always has to add a fun little twist to anything she is a part of “my channel has a pancake header…that is pretty welcoming, no?” Love it! 

The reason why Georgia’s channel has been so well received is quite simple: music is one of her true loves! Georgia grew up around music and said her mom and dad sung to her all the time when she was little. “Music is important because it is my entire world! Music is such a beautiful art form! It means something different to everyone but there’s something about a good lyric our beat drop that makes my day.” There is no denying Georgia’s music makes hundreds of people’s days every single time they listen to her covers!

So, how does Georgia Rene choose which songs she wants to cover? “I pick songs that I really like at the moment, or if there’s a song that I could change and make my own I’ll do that too – I also get requests from friends and family, so I try to fulfill those to the best of my ability!” (want to drop Georgia a request? Tweet her @GeorgiaRene!) Georgia’s favourite video she has uploaded is Royals! “I really enjoyed filming Royals with my friend, and Lorde is one of my favourite artists at the moment!” says Georgia. You can check out the cover bellow (be prepared to have this on repeat 24/7!)

It is pretty clear Georgia Rene is extremely talented and a truly beautiful human being. Georgia’s music is moving and addictive (seriously, you could visit her channel every day and never get sick of her singing) not to mention she is also one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted chicks you’ll ever meet! Georgia’s definitely an icon…but not just for her awesome music. Georgia is also an icon because of her super cool sense of style, her vibrant, hipster-cool spirit and her contagious laughter and celebratory smile!

Learn more about this amazing young songstress in her exclusive interview with F&B Inc bellow…

F&B Inc: What artists inspire you?
Georgia Rene: There are so many people that inspire me, but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis inspire me in so many different ways. They both worked so hard to get where they are today and they have such a great message about accepting yourself and standing up for what you believe in. Also, their album “The Heist” is easily in the Top 5 of my favourite albums in 2013.

F&B Inc: How would you categorize your fashion sense?
Georgia Rene: Comfortable & Adventurous… That perfectly describes my love for overalls and cotton blend t-shirts.

F&B Inc: What are your favorite fashion trends right now?
Georgia Rene: Collared shirts with a sweater overtop and jeans is my favourite look right now! I love how it can be really casual or super dressed up!

F&B Inc: What are your favorite TV shows/ movies?
Georgia Rene: Fight Club, Django Unchained, The Nightmare Before Christmas and 21 Jump Street are my favourite movies. I don’t watch TV a lot, but I binge watch TV shows online that my friends recommend to me. Right now I’m all about Suits, Gossip Girl & The OC.

F&B Inc: What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
Georgia Rene: My Blundstones! They are wearable with any outfit, no matter how casual or formal you are dressed. And not to mention they are sooooo comfortable.

F&B Inc: What does a day in the life of Georgia Rene always include?
Georgia Rene: Coffee!!! About a year ago I told myself to not get hooked on coffee… that didn’t work out so well. A Grande Pike coffee from Starbucks is a must have every morning!

F&B Inc: What beauty products do you love?
Georgia Rene: I don’t really wear makeup as my busy and unpredictable schedule has proven makeup to be very impractical – but when I get the opportunity to wear makeup, I love wearing Dior’s Azure Blue mascara! It’s so fun and girly! I love it!

F&B Inc: Who are your style icons?
Georgia Rene: Tavi Gevinson is my number first, second, third and fourth favourite fashionista/blogger/socialite/cool kid. Her outfits are so cool, yet so accessible to youth! Also Kanye West… Weird! I know! But he’s so fashionable and all the stuff he has designed is really beautiful.

F&B Inc: What blogs/ magazines/ books to you enjoy reading?
Georiga Rene: Fashion and Beauty Inc!!! Duh!!! Facehunter, The Sartorialist and Humans of New York are my other favourite blogs. I read Seventeen, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Toronto Life and Vanity Fair a lot. I don’t really have time to read books but I’m about to read Divergent and The Book Thief!

What can viewers/ fans expect to see from you channel in the next year?
More covers!!! I’ll be updating more in 2014 (one of my very important resolutions). I’m hoping to do more creative covers, song and location wise.

Thank you so much to Georgia Rene for this fabulous interview! F&B Inc loves you to death and supports all of your musical endeavours. Follow Georgia on Twitter and be sure to subscribe to her channel to ensure you never miss a cover!

Photography: Kaitlin Wilson

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