Annabelle Ambassador Shenae Grimes-Beech Talks Makeup Must Haves & Beauty Tips

February 17, 2014

Shenae Grimes-Beech has just been named the Ambassador of Annabelle cosmetics and there couldn’t be a more fitting celebrity to represent the iconic brand in Canada! Shenea is a beloved actress (this girl rocked everyone’s favourite Beverley Hills luxe life show 90210) and lifestyle blogger (read up on her and hubby, Josh Beech’s, website here) and now the brunette beauty is adding cosmetics to the mix! “Shenae and Annabelle share many great characteristics: Canadian roots, a youthful and trendy flair for fashion, an eclectic yet feminine look,” said Nathalie Bouchard the Marketing Director of Annabelle Cosmetics. “We are confident that young Canadian women will connect with the brand’s new ambassador. The partnership is a match made in heaven that feels very organic.” Nathalie continued…F&B Inc couldn’t agree more!    
Shenae’s partnership with Annabelle also brings some big benefits for makeup lovers as there is now an all-new lip shine inspired by Ms. Grimes-Beech herself! The Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine – Shenae is offered online for a limited time only so head to  soon to ensure this pretty pink lipstick can be yours!

Of course Shenae is extremely stoked to be working with Annabelle because they are an affordable and edgy Canadian company “Endless colors.  Innovative products.  AND awesome people?! Who wouldn’t want to jump on board? So grateful for my new position and all the wonderful people on the team!” says Grimes-Beech of the collaboration. 
Shenae herself has long been a fan of Annabelle “I’ve loved their eyeliner pencils since I was in junior high, but now they pretty much make up my entire makeup routine.” But the list certainly goes on: “I love their BB Cream Beauty Balm (my tinted moisturizer), their Le Big Show Mascara and Extendable Mascara, I use a coat of both! Their BB and CC powders, their EyeInk Liquid Eyeliner for the perfect cat-eye swoop.  I know it sounds a bit much, but since coming on board I’ve literally changed my whole routine.” It’s clear Shenea loves Annabelle and her passion for their products is what makes this such a fabulous collaboration!

Dying to learn more about Shenae Grimes-Beech and her collaboration with Annabelle? Keep reading for a quick Q + A with Shenae…
F&B Inc: What is your beauty philosophy?
Shenae Grimes-Beech: Accentuating what your mama gave ya.  Less is more unless you’re playing up your eyes.

F&B Inc: How and when did you come to realize that fashion was becoming an important part of your life?
Shenae Grimes-Beech: I think I was about 14 when that happened.  I always loved to shop, but I just got this burst of confidence to wear whatever I thought was cool instead of conforming to the “norm” in my high school.  I remember specifically finding this little mesh beaded slippers in China town that I loved and bought in a bunch of different colors.  Everyone at school made
fun of me, but I loved them so I just didn’t care.  Cut to a few months later and EVERYONE was wearing them! So much so that I had to stop and find my next thing because the trend actually wound up becoming the “norm”!

F&B Inc: What is your favorite makeup look: a smoky eye and subdued lip or light on the eyes and  statement lip?
Shenae Grimes-Beech:  My favorite go-to beauty look is heavy smoky eyes in bronzes and black (not silvers and greys) and my own natural lip color.  I do also love a simple cat eye and a deep plum lip.
F&B Inc: Share with us beauty tips, given by your mom, a girlfriend or a makeup artist you’ve taken away and used daily?
Shenae Grimes-Beech: Always go over whatever foundation/concealer you apply with a sponge.  Otherwise it is left cakey and streaky and always bring the foundation down to your neck. No one wants a mismatched mask.

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