Accessories To Die For: Styling Pearls For Girls Silver & Gold Jewelry

February 25, 2014

Pearls for Girls has arrived from Sweden to North America and F&B Inc couldn’t be more thrilled!  Pearls for Girls is Sweden’s fastest growing jewellery line and is now available in Canada (yay!) Pearls for Girls is a brand known for its gorgeous styles, high quality and excellent value. Pearls for Girls originated in Sweden in 2005 and since then has blossomed into one of the most fun, glamorous and sophisticated jewellery lines in Europe! All of the Pearls for Girls peices are elegant and timeless.  

Two of my favourite pieces from Pearls for Girls are the Gold and Silver Plated Necklace and the Gold and Silver Plated Bracelets With Crystal Accents! I love the chunky metallic hardware of the necklace (it has a very edgy vibe, yet is still so sophisticated) and the bracelets instantly add a touch of glamour to any outfit! These pieces are super versatile as you can wear them with virtually any outfit for any occasion. For a classic day or evening look, opt for a cute and coy knit shawl, light makeup and natural hair. This look allows the jewellery to really be the centrepiece of the outfit and will guarantee you an endless stream of compliments! To find yourself great silver jewlery, check out websites that sell wholesale sterling silver jewlery, that suits you and your style. Elegant, glamorous and contemporary, this is a look that will certainly never go out of style!

Be sure to follow Pearls for Girls on Twitter and Facebook for more updates and stay tuned for more Pearls for Girls styling tips coming soon!

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