Editor’s Blog: New Year’s Eve In Sydney, Australia

January 16, 2014

The sand, the surf…there was nothing better than starting off my morning in Sydney strolling along Bronte beach (pictured above!) The piercing aqua blue water crashing against the sandy boulders bellow. Of course my second day in Sydney was a little bit different than my other days..after all it was New Year’s Eve day so the city was buzzing with excitement. My day was fairly simplistic and consisted of the beach, exploring cafes downtown and an evening I’ll never forget!

A Day At The Beach

The beaches in Sydney are so beautiful you could spend an entire lifetime walking along the sand and playing in the ocean and never getting bored! I was staying on the very edge of the island of Oz so the water was especially fierce and the waves are therefore extremely dangerous. It’s kind of crazy to look out into the sapphire blue surf and imagine all the aquatic life. The ocean definitely made me want to try my hand at snorkeling, but because it was summer all the sharks and jelly fish were out so that’s more of a July/August activity. Next time I go to Australia I’m going to the great barrier reef for sure!!

Mint Chocolate Milk Addiction

Ahhh! I love the flavor combination of mint and chocolate so when I stumbled upon this mint chocolate milk I was in love. The drink wasn’t too sweet and was surprisingly super refreshing. After doing further research I discovered flavored milks are super popular in Sydney and you can also buy strawberry, banana, caramel and vanilla. 

New Year’s Eve In Sydney

Words can barely even begin to express how magical it is to experience New Year’s Eve in Sydney! I ended up watching the fireworks on a beach in Rose Bay which was both posh and perfect in every way. The fireworks looked like massive glowing jewels in the sky and couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate the memories of 2013 and welcome in the new memories to come in 2014. If you can believe it my camera ran out of batter power that evening so the photo above isn’t mine, but it captures the scene absolutely perfectly! If you ever have the chance to travel anywhere for NYE Sydney is the place to be.
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