Green Fashion: On Set At Miik’s Fall/Winter 2014 Photo Shoot

December 21, 2013

Ever find yourself strolling downtown and wondering what’s happening in the chic suites of the lofts and condominiums that line the streets? Think about it, in each and every window of the tall towers of Toronto something exciting is happening! In one such tower, tucked in the heart of city, an intimate artistic fashion shoot was unfolding. That’s right, Eco-fashion line, Miik, was shooting their Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. A soft, moody soundtrack featuring breezy techno remixes set the tone for the final shoot day. On set the incredibly talented masterminds behind Miik gave F&B Inc a sneak preview of their up and coming collection as well as an exciting afternoon on the set of their shoot!

Miik clothing is designed for women with an active lifestyle who want to look stylish without having to spend hours in the dressing room just to take a step out the door. Donna Smith, designer and co-owner of Miik, wants her clients to feel beautiful no matter what piece they’re wearing and designs clothes inspired by the idea that you should dress to flatter your body. “We don’t design to trend but to the various stages of a woman’s life.” says Donna who goes on to say “The designs are simple and timeless, yet remarkably current.” F&B Inc couldn’t agree more! Miik’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is nothing short of amazing and features chic and comfortable clothing perfect for the busy girl who wants to look and feel downright divine in her outfit!

On set the words that kept coming to describe Miik were “soft”, “versatile” and “eco-friendly”. The truth is, those three words capture the essence of Miik perfectly. All of Miik’s clothing is crafted from the finest sustainable fabrics including hemp, sorona, bamboo, organic cotton and tencel making each  piece velvety to the touch (Miik scores bonus points for having fashionable clothing that feel as fleecy as a newborn lamb when you wear it, don’t you agree?) Of course another element that makes Miik a keeper is their versatility! Every piece at the shoot was classic, timeless and effortlessly chic. It was so easy for the stylist to whip up a hundred different looks as each garment proved to be pretty much limitless! Third reason to start shopping Miik right this second? Miik is a sustainable clothing line that truly believes in the importance of a greener world. Miik is completely committed to finding the greenest way to go about producing new fashions and pride themselves in being a locally developed line that is definitely making a difference in the world. You can read more about Miik’s design process and eco initiatives on their website.
Overall, Miik is a fabulous clothing label and definitely F&B Inc’s favorite new fashion line! The Miik team is filled with innovative, amazing, fun, friendly and above all  super talented individuals who to put it quite simply, produce some pretty sweet threads. Thank you so much to Susan Cadman, Donna Smith and Michael Gaughan at Miik for inviting F&B Inc to this exception photo shoot…hope to work with you much more in the future!

Miik Fall/Winter 2014 Look Book Photo Shoot

The Miik team putting the finishing touches on their beautiful blonde model’s outfit before the photographer started snapping photos for the look book! Check out F&B Inc on Instagram for more pics from the shoot.

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