Top YouTube Beauty Channels Of 2013 Plus Favorite Beauty Videos

December 17, 2013
When it comes to the wonderful world of YouTube it seems as though there are hundreds and hundreds of fantastic beauty gurus uploading stellar videos every day. They are all trying to make it to the top of the ranks, whether it’s with the help of or by trying to create the most innovative content so that they can stand out from the crowd. But which YouTubers really are the best of the best? F&B Inc has rounded up a list of the best beauty gurus of 2013! Some of these beauty gurus are self-made millionaires, some are models and some are just starting out. While each of these gorgeous girls run different channels they all have one thing in common, they are all absolutely fabulous YouTubers and have inspired the world all year long!

Ultimate Beauty Guru: Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan is absolutely amazing and she is truly the ultimate YouTube beauty star! Since Michelle’s first video she has blossomed into the most beautiful, motivated, talented and iconic beauty guru on the web. Michelle’s videos are extremely professional and an absolute joy to watch. Not only does Michelle have her own cosmetics line she also has a following of millions of women who are inspired by her tutorials and love watching her videos!

Best Video: Spanish Rose Makeup Look

Cutest British Beauty Guru: Zoella

If you’re looking for the sweetest, most adorable and downright biggest cutie pie on YouTube look no further than Miss. Zoella! Zoella is known for her spunky personality and happy spirit and all of her videos bring a smile to her subscriber’s faces. From her amazing hauls to her silly little collaboration videos, Zoella is always posting something worth watching!

Best Video: Top Drugstore & High Street Makeup Products

Most Fun Beauty Guru: AndreasChoice

AndreasChoice is always uploading wonderful DIY projects and great makeup videos. On camera Andrea has a carefree, joyous and relaxed attitude and her super friendly and laid back vibe is what makes her so awesome. Andrea always seems to be having fun and enjoying life in her videos not to mention she is extremely creative and absolutely beautiful! Andrea is definitely a fabulous YouTuber and one of the best ladies on YouTube of the year.

Best Video: New Year’s Eve Beauty Tutorial

Most Chic Beauty Guru: Allie Marie Evans

Allie Marie Evans
Allie Marie Evans (who may just be Taylor Swift’s long lost twin, seriously the resemblance is uncanny!) is so much fun to watch on YouTube because she is always documenting her chic life as a model for L.A. Models online. Allie posts videos on everything fashion, modeling and beauty related and is always giving a viewers a look into her glamorous life in the fashion lane. Allie has a sweet and girly aura and her channel is very oh la la!

Best Video: My Makeup Dairy: A Day In My Life

Best New Beauty Guru: Mallexandra24

Mariah Allexandra
Of course while there are tons of amazing veteran beauty gurus on YouTube, there are also some pretty fabulous newbies that deserve your attention! The best up and coming beauty guru of 2013 is definitely Mallexandra24! Mariah may have only started her channel a short while ago, but her skill and talent when it comes to cosmetics is undeniable and she is also absolutely gorgeous! You’re definitely going to want to keep an eye on this newcomer as she is no doubt on the cusp of going viral.

Best Video: Holiday Hair & Makeup

Who were your favorite beauty YouTubers of 2013? Leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know!

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