Youth Apparel Model Spotlight: Meet Sophi Knight

November 21, 2013
Youth Apparel, by teen designers Stephan and Amanda, is one of the coolest clothing lines for chic and urban girls looking to express themselves in a unique manner. Last week Stephan and Amanda opened up about fashion, what it was like to start their own line and one of the biggest parts of their brand: the models! The Youth models are six stylish 15-year-old girls who embody Youth Apparel with their fresh faces, hip fashion sense and iconic social statuses. One of Youth Apparel’s top girls is Toronto teen Sophi Knight who is known for her shimmering moon shaped eyes and chocolate locks. When Sophi was first asked by Stephan and Amanda she literally screamed “OMG THAT’S SO COOL!” and the rest was history…

Sophi Knight is no stranger to the spotlight. A child actress and blossoming model, Sophi’s confidence in front of the camera translated excellently into her work with Youth Apparel. Sophi adores working with the Youth Apparel team “they are all so hard working and it shows in ever detail from the clothing to the makeup to the photography.” Of course shooting for Youth Apparel is extremely crazy and Sophi describes the experience as “totally hectic,” which makes sense considering “in between shots there are wardrobe changes and makeup touch ups.” Regardless of the insanity that takes over every fashion shoot Sophi says the Youth shoots never wrap without tons of fun, laughter and jokes unfolding on set.  

Sophi says she can’t get enough of Youth Apparel and wears her California Crop Top from the summer 2013 collection “religiously!” If you are looking to make a fashion statement with Youth Apparel Sophi recommends keeping it classic, “I’ll pair a Youth top with a frilly brandy skirt and a dark wash jean jacket and I instantly feel amazing.” It definitely isn’t difficult to make a fabulous outfit with Youth Apparel pieces…be sure to pick up the amazing hoodies and beanies from the Winter collection available January 1st 2014.

There is no denying Sophi’s exotic beauty and alluring photographs make her a fierce and fashionable Youth model. Sophi Knight could literally be the next Miranda Kerr (you have to admit there is quite a striking resemblance…) so it’s kind of ironic MK also happens to be Sophi’s favorite model and fashion inspiration! “She is drop dead  gorgeous and high fashion at the same time.” says Sophi of her girl crush. Aside from Miranda Kerr Sophi also takes style queues from Audrey Hepburn and will keep Miranda and Audrey in mind when styling the clothing from Youth Apparel’s new collection! 
Overall, Sophi Knight is an absolutely stunning model and the perfect Youth Apparel girl! Sophi is super stoked for Youth Apparel’s next collection “there is going to be a lot more outerwear” she says. What item for the Winter collection is she already obsessing over? “I can’t wait to rock a Youth beanie!” However, even beyond Youth’s next collection Sophi knows this is one brand that is going to continue to grow and grow and grow “with every collection Youth expands a little bit more. Everyone on the Youth Apparel team is so talented and dedicated…the sky is the limit!”
Get to know more about Youth Apparel’s absolutely beautiful model, Sophi Knight, in her exclusive interview with F&B Inc bellow…
F&B Inc: If you could switch lives with someone else on the Youth Apparel team who would it be?
Sophi Knight: Stephan and Amanda are in such cool positions, I’d love a taste of their lives!
F&B Inc: How would you categorize your style?
Sophi Knight: I like simple things with a girly touch. For example I love wearing dresses and skirts, but in simplistic neutral tones.
F&B Inc: Who is your celebrity crush?
Sophi Knight: A young Rob Lowe. I’m currently reading his autobiography ‘Stories I only Tell My Friends’ and it is amazing. Plus I love him in St. Elmo’s Fire! 

F&B Inc: What app are you currently addicted to?
Sophi Knight: The Walking Dead Game! Although, I definitely don’t suggest playing it before bed…

F&B Inc: What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Sophi Knight: I love to draw! My Dad owned an animation studio called Red Rover so I guess artistry runs in the family!

F&B Inc: What is your favorite city to shop in?
Sophi Knight: New York City! Walking down Fifth Avenue is pure bliss.

F&B Inc: What are your makeup essentials?
Sophi Knight: My makeup look is always all about the eyes so I love Benefit’s ‘They’re Real Mascara’ and MAC’s ‘Espresso Eye Shadow’

F&B Inc: If you could be on a reality TV show which would you pick?
Sophi Knight: Keeping Up With The Kardashians…so I can meet Kanye!

Keep updated with Sophi Knight’s gorgeous and glamorous life by following her on Instagram ( and connect with Youth Apparel on Facebook, Twitter and their official website to ensure you never miss an update!

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