Fab Up Your Phone: Cute Cases, Sparkly Charger DIY & Funky App Wallpapers To Love Right Now

October 10, 2013

Every fashionista loves to make a statement with their tech toys, but sometimes it is difficult to find a a way to stand apart fro the crowd. F&B Inc has searched the web for fun and funky ways to take your phone from drab to fab with three easy ideas…

 Invest In Cases You Love

Personalizing your phone is super easy through adorable cases. Scour the web for funky, funny, flirty and fun cases that make you smile. Everyone loves looking down at their phone and seeing a reflection of themselves so invest time into locating a case you adore!

DIY Sparkly Electronic Charger

Glaming up your electronic charger is super easy and super fun! Simply follow the steps bellow to make you phone charger look like a million bucks… 
-Paint Brushes
-Small bowl
Steps To Sparkles:
1.     Begin by placing all your supplies on a few sheets of newspaper to avoid mess!
2.     Conceal the metal prongs of your phone charger with tape to avoid sparkles getting stuck.
3.     Paint your phone charger with mod podge evenly being sure not to get the glue on the chord or prongs.
4.     Dip your glue covered charger into a small bowl of glitter and swish around until covered in sparkles!
5.     Set to try (usually takes a few hours) and remove tape from prongs!

 Stylize Your Apps With CocoPPa

     Give your apps some personality by downloading CocoPPa‘s cute Kawaii app! This fun (and free) app transforms dull, traditional apps to look cute and girly within seconds. Not only does this fully take your phone re-design from  exterior to interior it will also make you smile every time you click on Instagram or iTunes because of the adorable designs!
How do you make your phone your own? Leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know…

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