Models Of The Moment: Why F&B Inc Loves Lindsey Wixson, Codie Young and Monika Jagaciak

August 12, 2013

When it comes to top models it seems as though the hottest faces are changing every day, while some don’t make it past their fifteen minuets of fame, others prevail and become true fashion icons. At the moments F&B Inc is in love with three leading ladies of catwalk and couture: Lindsey Wixson, Ginta Lapina and Monika Jagaciak. Each icon is fierce in her own individual way and each truly knows how to bring fashion to life. Dying to learn more about Lindsey, Ginta and Monika?

Lindsey Wixson is a model known for unique facial features. From her bee-stung pout and gap-toothed smile this 5 ft 10 blonde beauty has become an icon since 2011 when her star began to rise. At just 19 the model has landed contracts with some of the world’s most prestigious companies including Mulberry, Alexander McQueen, Jill Stuart, Versace and Chanel (the list could go on, and on, and on.) Lindsey is one of the world’s favorite models due to her distinct look…she truly doesn’t look like anyone else on the planet! 

Ever since Marc Jacobs put Codie Young on the map after featuring her in their Dot perfume ad campaign this delicate doe eyed model has been everywhere! The waif-like Australian model is a favorite at New York Fashion Week and has walked for Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Lanvin to name a few. In addition to being on Top 50, Codie is signed to agencies across the globe including New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and London.

Luxurious and elite, it is hard to deny Monika Jagaciak’s status as a model of the moment. The 19-year-old Polish model who has been given the nickname Jac is known for her high-end shoots and is always in demand for the biggest runway shows. Monika has a beautiful yet simplistic look and her striking features make her the perfect editorial model. Monika has been in the modelling industry since her early teens and while at first her young age caused major controversy she has blossomed into a full-fledged it girl. 
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