Miami Fashion Week Swim Runway Review: Beach Bunny 2014

July 23, 2013
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 2014 turned athletic swim wear edgy at Beach Bunny’s show. The peppy runway show featured super fit models whipping around super long pony tails in bold swim wear that totally caught onlooker’s eyes. The vibe of the show was definitely fun as models smiled and strutted with passion and purpose to the clubby techno beats. Hard core details such as leather and metal buckles contrasted metallic accents and flirty string elements mixed together to create a collection that truly had something for everyone.

The swim wear in the show was clearly designed to amp up your bod (thinking tight halter necklines and scandalous strings meant to draw the eye). While each suit in the collection had a different vibe the sporty, athletic under tone was clear in the collection.
Overall, the show was fantastic and showcased a wonderful array of rocking swimsuits for beach season 2014. Check out the runway show bellow for your front row look at all the styles…

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