Top 5 Dos & Don’ts To Remember When Taking Super Cute Selfies

June 19, 2013
Admit it already, you love yourself and you love snapping pics of your beautiful face so the world falls in love with you too. Don’t deny it you have a guilty pleasure, a problem, an addiction….to taking selfies. Well all do. Whether you’re clicking a quick photo to document your daily delights on Instagram, sharing your memories on Facebook, pinning ’em to Pinterest or publishing them anywhere else on the web chances are you’re taking pictures of yourself at least once a day. Smiling for your self on camera is super fun, but as any selfie-loving photographer knows capturing the cuteness isn’t always easy. After all, you’ve only got an arms length between you and your face! The art of selfie taking is tough stuff so keep reading for F&B Inc’s top 5 dos and donts….

Do: Convey An Emotion!

Before you snap a pic you must clarify why you are doing so! Did you just purchase a fabulous new lipstick that you want to promote or are you on a vacation and want the world to know you’re beneath the Eiffel Tower? Once you have determined the purpose of your pic its time to express your emotions through your face. If you’re happy then smile, smile, smile! Selfies are meant to be fun and light hearted so as long as your channeling your feelings through your pictures everyone will love it.

Don’t: Over-do Cliche Funny Faces

Selfies can be silly and fun, but try and keep your jokes pics original! Probably everyone has pulled a kissy duck face or wanna-be rocker tonge selfie at least once or twice…newsflash: that’s not something to be proud of! Weird selfie faces trend faster than anything so its really important to keep your pictures fresh and new. You definitely don’t want to risk looking like you’re trying too hard to be cute in your funny face selfies so quit flashing

Do: Use Unique Filters

After you have snapped your picture be sure to make it more interesting by editing! There are an endless number of apps and websites designed exclusively to bring your pictures to life in refreshing new ways. Explore different filters, frames and emoctions to make your picture look completely wonderful. A filter has the power to totally change the mood of a photograph so be sure to select one that is symbiotic with your pic of course!

Don’t: Go Over The Top

There is something completely narcissistic about selfies… don’t deny it. The fact that selfies are so self-loving means you definitely do not want to go over the top with them. Continually flooding yourself in click after click after click while adoringly posing for yourself can be a total turn-off! Keep your selfies appropriate and at a minimum (don’t upload more than a few at a time!) Stay tasteful with your pictures of yourself and you’ll be fine!

Do: Have Fun With Your Selfies

Selfies are meant to be fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t over-analyze your pictures either. Just smile for the camera and have a blast with your pictures for best results. As long as you keep it fun and fresh your pics will be amazing. A good attitude is crucial to getting amazing pictures so keep smiling and clicking and your photos will be incredible!
Taking selfies is fun and with the above tips all your pictures will turn out absolutely amazingly. Remember to convey emotions, use funky filters, avoid cliche faces, refrain from overdoing it and having fun and all your pictures will be truly beautiful. What are your best selfie taking tips? Leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know…

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