The Bachelorette Diaries: Cute & Casual Date Outfit Inspired By Desiree Hartstock

June 4, 2013
ABC Bachelorette Desire Hartstock’s romantic journey has begun and this week on the show revelaed a lot about Des and her bachelors! Aside from the drama and delight Des faced with her guys we also saw her rocking some incredible outfits. Being a fashion designer it makes sense that Ms.Hartstock is constantly aiming to make a style statement on camera and this week Desiree opted for some incredibley cute and casual outfits for her dates. Want to learn how to get Desiree’s classically chic style for a cozy date?

This week Desiree’s romantic dates with the guys began! From a romantic road trip to a visit to the Hollywood sign, Desiree took her dates on relaxing, casual adventures resulting in cute and laid back outfit choices. Emulate Desiree’s date look by throwing on a cute pink t-shirt, jeans and pretty pearl earrings. Sure this outfit may be simple, but it’s classic and comfortable which are two very important factors to consider when picking your look for a big date! 
Have you been loving Desiree’s fashion and beauty choices on The Bachelorette so far? Tune in next week to see what happens to Des next on her journey to true love and keep it locked on F&B Inc for week posts on Desiree Hartstock’s fashion and beauty looks form the show!

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