Glitter Like A Luxe Flapper Of The 1920s With Tiffany & Co’s “The Great Gatsby Collection”

May 6, 2013
The fashion industry has flapper fever and it’s not hard to see why! Baz Luhrmann’s hotly anticipated new movie The Great Gatsby (hitting theatres May 10th 2013) is creating a big buzz with their stand out sound track and now all-new and all-amazing jewelry collection with Tiffany & Co! Tiffany & Co’s “The Great Gatsby” collection is posh, luxurious and above all absolutely Gatsby in ever way. Each sparklingly stunning piece in the collection makes one “ooh” and “aah” more than the last. From spectacular pavé diamond rings to glitzy bejewelled head-dresses this collection is truly terrific in every way and F&B Inc loves these jewels and knows you will too…

The Great Gatsby is a tale a glittering proportions filled with lavish parties, haute couture and even hotter drama! The Tiffany & Co jewelry collection inspired by this riveting movie encapsulates everything  1920s. All of the bold and beautiful jewels instantly spark the allusion of wild parties fuelled by champagne and the fun of dancing late into the night. Diamonds, pearls and priceless gem stones make each of these items beautifully unique and while they have a certain flair from the 20s they also have a chic and contemporary twist making them perfect for the 21st century.

Each of these pieces are incredibly stunning and will no doubt look absolutely beautiful in the movie. From tje art deco inspired rings to the dainty and intricate bejewelled bracelets this collection from Tiffany & Co is a big hit! All of the prices are available upon request so be sure to make a trip to Tiffany & Co to make these stunning baubles a part of your jewelry collection.
Get ready for the Grat Gatsby which is coming to theatres May 10th 2013 and keep your eyes on these gorgeous jewels and perhaps one day they will be yours! 

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