Exclusive Interview With Lulu Johnson Of Of The Hot New Reality TV Show “XOX Betsey Johnson”

May 13, 2013
Pop the champagne, break out the sequined tutus and get your cartwheel on because iconic fashion designer Betsey Johnson and her equally amazing daughter Lulu Johnson are hitting the small screen Sunday May 12th at 8:00pm on the Style Network with their all-new show “XOX Betsey Johnson”. This glitter filled docu-serries takes fans and fashionistas on a never before-seen journey into the Johnson lifestyle. We all know Betsey’s wildly flirtatious, girly, and punked up life in the fashion lane, but who is this blonde style icon behind the runway and what does her daughter, Lulu bring to the industry? XOX Betsey Johnson” reveals all the excitement of Betsey’s life the fashion world all with her beautiful and talented daughter and muse, Lulu, by her side!
This show is a new beginning for Betsey and Lulu as it explores the career changes the two went through after Betsey filed for bankruptcy and closed all her stores last year (tear tear). This has been a fresh start for my mother and I – and change and fresh starts can be scary, exciting and fun.” says Lulu Johnson. There is definitely a reason for this fresh start to be tons of fun because Betsey is now working with infamous shoe and accessories designer, Steve Madden, to stabilize her brand and take it to even more glorious heights and Lulu is working on producing her own clothing line! We see the mother and daughter’s careers blossom and unfold in new and thrilling ways which is what makes this show a must-watch!
For Lulu Johnson, stepping out of her mother’s shadow and establishing her own brand by creating her own clothing line was a big choice and is a center point of this hot new show! Surprisingly, Lulu didn’t grow up with dreams of designing clothing. “Family has always come first for me. I never grew up saying I wanted to be a fashion designer. I grew up saying I wanted to be a mother and a wife.” Of course learning about the fashion industry first-hand from her mother made Lulu fall in love with the world of style and Lulu says  “it got to a point where I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. Creating a line wassomething I realized later on in life I wanted to master.” And she is mastering it! Is Lulu’s design aesthetic uber girly meets edgy rocker princess like her mother’s?  “I grew up with petticoats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” laughs Lulu “I have been influenced by my mother’s fun, flirtatious, sexy style, but I am a little more reserved and a little more modern. I feel like less is more and so my line is definitely going to be sexy and fresh and feminine and bold but not as young and ruffly and petticoat-y!” says the designer.
It may sound as though Lulu’s road to becoming an industry icon like her mother was as easy as pirouetting over a candy-coated cupcake, but it wasn’t, “It’s easy to think that because you’re Betsey Johnson’s daughter things will just fall into your lap. Like you can just snap your fingers and have a clothing collection overnight.” exclaims Lulu “However, the reality is I had to take meetings and work hard as anyone else would have to in a similar position. Sure, I had a few more connections than the average person, but I had to prove that I really do have what it takes to make it, and this show exhibits just that.” Lulu Johnson is serious about making a name for herself in the fashion industry and she knows it isn’t just about parties, runway shows and expensive clothes “you have to work really hard. This show really shows how it (the industry) is not just fun and games: to succeed, you have to work for it.”
There is no denying “XOX Betsey Johnson” is the hottest show to tune in to this Spring and the fashion journies that Lulu and Betsey embark on in this TV show are totally amazing and inspiring. This fearless mom and daughter duo are fabulous for reality TV as they are a blast to watch and their lives are so much fun you can’t help but wish you were a part of them. What’s the ultimate reason to turn in to the rocking new show “XOX Betsey Johnson”? We will let fashionista Lulu Johnson do the talking: “we have so much fun… we laugh, we cry!  We are really open and honest with each other. We are just perfect for reality TV because we don’t give a shit, which is the #1 reason why people will love to tune in.
Learn more about what it was like to film XOX Betsey Johnson and the unique dynamic between Lulu and her mother Betsey in Annie Robinson’s interview with Lulu Johnson…
How would you describe the premiere season of “XOX Betsey Johnson”, and what can fans expect?
LJ: What is wonderful is that my mother and I have each other’s “back” all the time, and throughout the season you see us riding this roller coaster ride called life. It has been great to always have the one of a kind, amazing relationship that my mother and I have. This is a show that a lot of mothers and daughters can relate to.
Where is the season filmed?
LJ: I’m born and bred in Manhattan, New York – so that is where the majority of the season takes place!
Who do you spend time with on camera?
LJ: I don’t interact with too many business associates on the show… you’ll see more of me chatting with my girlfriends about my work and about life!
Was it hard to adjust to cameras in your daily life?
LJ: I’m not bothered by cameras whatsoever! When you spend a day with Betsey Johnson, there are people constantly stopping her and staring at her – and she’s my mother – so I understand what it is like to be in the spotlight. I was raised backstage at fashion shows, photo shoots and interviews (so I’m pretty comfortable on camera) and when I am with my mother I am used to being watched.
What TV shows/ pop culture interests that influenced the way you wanted your show to be?
LJ: I have always been obsessed with reality TV. Just look at shows like “Real Housewives” – you feel like you can relate to some of the relationships – yet it is also an escape. I’m also obsessed with the show “Girls” because I think it is the most real thing on television right now.
Who are your style icons?
LJ: I always say that women of the 50s such as Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot… women that were the epitome of what a woman should be: sexy and flirtatious! I love the clothing that women wore that accented and highlighted a woman’s body. I have art work of Marilyn all over my apartment… she’s an obsession of mine!
What are your goal’s for your clothing line?
LJ: I hope my clothing line is something that my friends can wear, but also that young women want to wear. I’d love to collaborate with my mother one day… but I don’t know if that’s something that will happen. I want to do everything… children’s clothes! Things don’t happen overnight, but if you’re lucky enough to show your collections in creative venues, that’s great. I already have an idea of where I want my first fashion show to be. (top secret!)
What is the #1 reason fans of you and your mother should turn in to “Xox Betsey Johnson” this May?
LJ: We have so much fun… we laugh, we cry! What I love most about our show is that It’s not about a group of women bantering and backstabbing each other, it is about a relationship that everyone can relate to. We have fun! We are really open and honest with each other. We are just perfect for reality TV because we don’t give a shit, which is the #1 reason why people will love to tune in.

Fun Facts About Lulu…

  1. My favorite color is… turquoise.
  2. I cannot live without… lip gloss.
  3. My Favorite city is… New York City. I haven’t lived anywhere else!
  4. A day in the life of Lulu always includes… waking up and kissing my kids. Waking up to my children is the best thing ever.
  5. If I had one day left to live… I would spend it with my kids. Waking up with them and putting them to bed!
  6. What is one fact people don’t know about me… I love dancing more than anything! I think people think I’m super conservative compared to my mother, but I can actually be much crazier than her…people just don’t know it!

Be sure to tune in to “XOX Betsey Johnson” on May 12th!
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