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When Jerseylicious first hit the small screen in 2010 makeup artist and Jerseylicious star, Olivia Blois Sharpe, had no idea it would blow up into the phenom it is today. In fact, the beauty-loving fashionista didn’t even think the show would make it to air now five seasons later it is safe to say Olivia is thrilled her initial predictions about the shows success were wrong. The show follows the glamorous, dramatic and outrageous lives of the employees at the Gatsby salon in New Jersey and airs Sundays at 8pm on The Style Network.

Since season one Olivia says things have definitely changed. For starters, Olivia says she has become less self-conscious around the camera crew (“I remember that I cursed twice and both times, I ran to the producers asking them not to air that – I can’t have my dad see me curse on TV. But as time goes by, I began to realize that I am human and you can’t live with always censoring yourself. And you will do stupid things. I tripped in season one and I was sooo embarrassed. Now, I think it’s funny because everyone falls at one point or another.“) Olivia also credits the show for transforming per personal style and outlook on fashion! “My style had evolved throughout the seasons.” exclaims Olivia, “At first, I was super gaudy with the animal print, chunky jewelry and tan. I actually haven’t tanned in four months and can’t wait for summer! Now, I am classier. I still will wear chunky jewelry but I will pair it with funky shoes. So I went from gaudy funky to classy funky.
This season of Jerseylicious has been super popular with fans which might have something to do with the fact that drama has been a mainstay on the production: “there has been a lot of drama with Gigi. We were not on the best of terms but we work things out. The reunion was probably the craziest thing we have ever filmed.” admitted Olivia of her co-stars antics. The season is jam-packed with the usual excitement of life working in a salon and there is no denying that after five seasons viewers truly feel connected the the stars of the television show and their lives!
If you’re looking for a super fun and super entertaining TV show Jerseylicious is definitely worth checking out! For now, keep reading to learn more about Jerseylicious star Olivia through my interview with the fabulous TV personality…
If you could switch lives with any of your Jerseylicious cast mates lives who would you pick and why?
OBS: Christy. She has the perfect family. If I were at that stage of my life, I would want what she has – little boy, little girl, husband. They are all so attractive – they should be in a Polo ad!
How would you categorize your personal style?
OBS: My style had evolved throughout the seasons. My dress style is funky with my own personal spin. At first, I was super gaudy with the animal print, chunky jewelry and tan. I actually haven’t tanned in four months and can’t wait for summer! Now, I am classier. I still will wear chunky jewelry but I will pair it with funky shoes. So I went from gaudy funky to classy funky.
What are some of your favorite places to shop?
OBS: Forever 21, Ruby and Jenna (boutique in NJ), Necessary Clothing (SoHo) and Aldo
What’s one makeup rule you swear by?
OBS: Eyeliner – I can’t live without it. I use Loreal’s 24-hour infallible lacquer. It’s precise and it’s lasts all day.


Can you give readers some tips on easy makeup they can wear for a date?
OBS: Guys don’t like seeing girls with too much makeup on – they like the natural look. So it’s best not to go with a crazy smoky eye for your date. You can use eyeliner but don’t overpower it with silver or bright eye shadow. Choose a natural color for eye shadow or use the eye shadow to line the eye. Keep in natural and simple. You can still have exotic look without overpowering. Be flirty with a pop of color on your lips but don’t go with too bright a color or else you will leave an imprint of your lips on his face – and he won’t like that. So you want glossy lips that are full, voluptuous and kissable.
What are 5 beauty products you keep with you at all times?
OBS: Eyeliner (L’Oreal), eyebrow pencil (anstasia brow whiz), lip gloss (honey love lipstick from mac and mac lip gloss), lip pumper (sexy mother pumper – extreme) and blotting powder (Laura Mercier secret brightening powder)
If you could raid any celebrity’s wardrobe who would you pick?
OBS: Rita Ora. I follow her on Instagram. She has an edgy style with fun, funky outfits.
What’s your fashion and beauty mantra?
OBS: Look Good, Feel Good. It’s important to not get into ruts and to always take care of yourself and treat yourself every once in a while.


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    Jerseylicious is one of my favorite shows! I love Olivia because she is so fun and stylish!


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    This interview is so amazing! Olivia is so gorgeous and fun.

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    Que guapa es.

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    Olivia is my role model! U rock

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