Get Ready For A Sleek And Chic Fashion Show: Mass Exodus

March 5, 2013
 Get ready for a runway show like no other, get ready for Mass Exodus 2013! Mass Exodus is the hotly anticipated fashion show run by the talented and creative students at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion. The Mass Exodus idea first came around in 1988 when school professor, Peter Duck, decided it was time for students to introduce their art to the world! The concept has been extremely successful as Mass Exodus is the largest fashion event in all of North America run by strictly students. 

2013 is a big year for Mass Exodus because it marks the 25th anniversary of the incredible event. The show is bound to be brilliant so mark your calendars for April 11th 2013 and get your tickets online now to ensure a seat at the show.
The inspiration behind the runway show was divulged from the whimsical and wonderful rainbow (well, it’s slightly more complex than colored light) the show is derived from the energy that occurs when light passes through a prism! The Mass Exodus website describes the show’s vibe online: “Mass Exodus 2013 represents a proverbial shift from past to present. As the graduating class evolves from those who are learning, to those who have learned and become alumni, Mass Exodus changes venues from the Ryerson Theatre to the Mattamy Athletic Centre at The Gardens. This shift allows us to leave a legacy, while paving the way for the future. With Mass Exodus 2013, we will captivate the attention of the industry and Toronto community through a transcendent, uplifting experience. The spirit of innovation is our driving force. The prism represents the diversity of our heritage, projecting us into the future.” Doesn’t’ the show sound amazing?
It’s safe to say Mass Exodus will be a fabulously fashion-forward event that you’re definitely going to want to attend! Stay tuned on F&B Inc for more information and updates on this exciting exhibit. Will you be attending Mass Exodus? Leave a comment bellow to let F&B Inc know!

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