Highlights From Beyonce’s Rocking Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

February 4, 2013

Beyonce’s Pepsi halftime show at the Super Bowl was definitely a smash hit! The diva sung live to an entire nation of roaring fans. There was much speculation on what Queen Bey would wear and what she would sing. In fact, Beyonce’s much buzzed up halftime show was one of the main reasons people were turning into the big game! So, was all the hype worth it? Totally! Beyonce’s performance was a complete stand-out!

The diva sang all of her most loved tunes leaving the crowd and the twitterverse literally roaring with delight! Beyonce’s performance was like a hopping mini concert highlighting the diva’s biggest and brightest hits including “Baby Boy”, “Crazy in Love” and “End of Time” (just as F&B Inc predicted!). Beyonce’s halftime show also brought together Destiny’s Child as Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland strutted on stage to join Beyonce for rocking renditions of “Bootylicious” and “Independent Woman”.  The three super stars danced and sang along to the thumping beats of “Single Ladies”. The show couldn’t have ended on a more moving note. Beyonce belted “Halo” to an arena of enthralled fans all reaching toward the glamorous songstress as she crouched emotionally on her knees to give fans the finishing solo of a lifetime. 

Beyonce looked fierce in a leather suit embellished with lace and tulle. Heeled booties (just as F&B Inc predicted!) tied the whole look together. In the makeup department Bey went for a pale pink lip color, smokey eyeshadow and flawless skin. Blonde wavy hair parted in the middle gave Beyonce the final diva glow.

Beyonce’s stage was set on fire with glowing lights, flaming musical instruments and sparkling lighting effects. Two faces in profile with blue lights enveloping around the silhouettes to look like hair gave the stage a fabulous look when viewed from above. The stage work for Beyonce’s halftime show was totally stellar!

Bottom line? F&B Inc loved, loved, loved Beyonce’s Pepsi halftime show. What did you think of Beyonce’s performance? Leave a comment bellow or tweet @FABINCBLOG with the hashtag #BeyonceBowl!

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