Vogue’s Top 10 Most Featured Models Of 2012

January 5, 2013
Vogue doesn’t just report on the biggest stars in the fashion industry- it also creates them! After a model is featured on the pages of these internationally prestigious magazines their worlds are turned upside down. When Vogue picks a new muse everyone is watching- and waiting- to see where she will be next. From long time favorites such as Karlie Kloss (who was this year’s most featured model!) to ladies who went from nowhere to everywhere this year such as German model, Kati Nescher, Vogue has definitely put the spotlight on a very fine crop of bright young things. Dying to learn about the lucky ladies who were seen most in the pages of Vogue this year? Keep reading….

#1: Karlie Kloss

This year it seems as though Karlie Kloss has been literally everywhere and that’s because she kind of has been everywhere! The 20-year-old American girl started modelling in 2007 and after just one Abercrombie photo shoot her career began to take off. It was 2009 when Vogue first began featuring Karlie like crazy, fast forward to 2012 and she finds herself sitting pretty as Vogue’s most featured model of the year. Congrats Karlie, Fashion & Beauty Inc look forward to seeing more of you in 2013!

#2: Arizona Muse

24-year-old American model Arizona Muse first started modelling in 2008 and has since been featured in French, American, Chinese, British, Korean, Italian and Spanish Vogue. Arizona’s edgy black coif and captivating photographs are what drove her to fame last year (she was Vogue’s most featured model of 2011!) and have continued to take her career to higher heights in 2012. If Ms. Muse keeps up her history of shining throughout the pages of Vogue like she has for the past 2 years, 2013 should be an even brighter year for this fashion star.

#3: Toni Garrn

German model Toni Garrn first began modelling at age 13, but she didn’t earn fame until fairly recently when Vogue decided Toni was the next big thing. Through the year Toni has been featured in a range of Vogue magazines across the globe including Germany, Italia, Paris, Japan and more! This stunning model will definitely be working hard in 2013 and Fashion & Beauty Inc cannot wait to see what the year has in store for her.

#4: Kati Nescher

Kati Nescher has definitely had a busy year! The 28-year-old German model has been featured in the pages of Paris, America and German (to name a few) Vogue magazines and only hopes her career will sore at greater heights in 2013. Kati’s unique look and amazing modelling skills will definitely take her far in the year to come. 

#5: Isabeli Fontana

Brazilian beauty Isabeli Fontana started her modelling career at age 16 and since then has definitely gained her fair share of expertise. Now 29, the bright eyed brunette has been featured in the pages of Vogue Paris, Brasil, China and more. Isabeli’s passion for fashion and modelling will take her far in the years to come!

#6: Joan Smalls 

It’s been a great year for 24-year-old Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls. Earlier this year Smalls was named the number one model in the world by (score!) and she‘s number 6 Vogue’s top 10 most featured (double score!). She’s graced the covers of Vogue Italia, Australia and Turkey plus she’s constantly seen in the hottest editorials of Vogue America, Brasil and Japan. Keep up the great work Joan and you should be on your way to Vogue’s favorite model of 2013.

#7: Liu Wen

Cina’s super star model, 24-year-old Liu Wen, has definitely earned her spot on Vogue’s most featured of 2012. The Asian fashionista has been seen in the pages of Vogue Germany, China, America and more. Of course Liu is also loved because of her fierce street style…learn how to emulate her here.

#8: Aymeline Valade

French model Aymeline Valade has had a year filled with Vogue Japan, Germany, Italia and Paris photo shoots so it is not hard to see why she made the list. The 27-year-old model broke into the fashion industry later than a lot of her colleagues but with the success she’s been having her career thus far who cares? Aymeline’s most exciting project to date has been her Vogue Paris cover…congrats Mademoiselle Valade!

#9: Kendra Spears

 24-year-old American model Kendra Spears has worked hard since landing a spot as a finalist in Ford Models Super Model Of The World Competition. Kendra has been featured in the pages of Vogue Russia, Germany, Paris and many more. If Spears keeps up the great work in her career she definitely has what it takes to eventually make it within the top 5 and maybe even to number 1!

#10: Eniko Mihalik & Malgosia Bela 

The top 10 position was a tie between Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik and Polish model Malgosia Bela. Eniko rose to fame in 2002 after competing in the Elite Model Look competition, but she proved she is far from a one hit wonder! The 24-year-old dirty blonde haired darling has been seen in the pages of Vogue Italia, Germany and Spain to name a few. Malgosia Bela has also had a great year…and at 35 she’s proving that being a good model has absolutely nothing to do with age! Malgosia Bela was featured numerous times in Vogue Paris and Japan this year. Both ladies definitely have had a great year and will be busy in 2013.
…And there you have it! Vogue’s top 10 (well, technically 11!) most featured models of 2012. Each of these lovely ladies have truly had an excellent year and with their names on this coveted list it only makes sense 2013 will have even greater things in store for them. Who will emerge as supermodels in 2013 and who will make Vogue’s top 10 most featured models of 2013? Fashion & Beauty Inc will be watching to find out!
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