5 Glamorous Evening Gowns Inspired By Emma Stone’s Gangster Squad Character Grace Faraday

January 12, 2013

Set in the 1940s just after World War 2, Gangster Squad, tells the highly dramatic, action packed and downright riveting tale of a high-end police gang who will do anything to keep the city of Los Angeles safe from a feisty and brutal East Coast mob. Featuring a star studded cast of extraordinary actors including Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Sean Penn and Emma Stone. The movie (which was released January 11th 2013) is generating a buzz, but it’s Emma Stone performance as glamorous and alluring Grace Fandlay that caught beauty fanatics and fashionista’s eyes. 

Grace Faraday is the elegant and alluring female star of the movie and with her striking makeup and gorgeous wardrobe it’s not hard to see why! All of Grace’s outfits were chic, posh and truly embodied the style of 1940s. Gangster Squad costume designer, Mary Zophres, is who movie goers have to thank for Ms. Faraday’s amazing styling. Zophres recently opened up to  about Grace’s look: we wanted her to look sultry and sexy.”  Mary says of Emma’s characters styling. Mission accomplished! 

Naturally Grace Faraday’s stunning style is something any girl would love to emulate. Heading out for a luxurious evening out? Take a look at these 5 beautiful evening gowns inspired by Emma Stone’s Gangster Squad character Grace Faraday! 

In the Gangster Squad movie Grace Faraday sported a lot of richly colored, floor length gowns so when looking for dresses inspired by Grace keep your eyes out for a palette of forest greens, magentas, sea blues, crimsons and navy blues. Grace often choose dresses with a sultry, alluring vibe and she was’t afraid of wearing dresses that accentuated her curves. When shopping with Grace Faraday as inspiration look for elegant, sophisticated and sexy dresses sure to impress!’s simplistic and stylish forest green shoulder padded dress is a great choice for long and lean ladies looking to show off their toned bodies. The sleek shape of the dress and gorgeous color are what make it totally Faraday approved!

Ellie Saab’s gorgeous Pansy Purple evening gown is absolutely regal! From the shimmering sequined bodice to the fairy-like floaty chiffon skirt everything about this designer dress is positively perfection. 

This striking Andrew Gn teal mermaid dress promises to accentuate curves in a completely fashion forward way. This dress is definitely the kind of thing Grace Faraday would wear due to the sultry seams and striking sea blue color. 

Marachesa Notte’s  striking crimson floor length gown is 100% Grace Faraday! The bold, beautiful color matches Grace’s alluring personality and the girly sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice is the perfect match to the dress’s full, vivacious skirt.’s  glorious navy blue maxi evening gown is the perfect choice for any girl trying to get the Grace Faraday look. The bodice is embellished with sparkly beading sure to put you in the spotlight. 

All 5 of these glamorous evening gowns are fashion-forward, sleek and definitely the kind of garment Grace Faraday would wear! Have you seen Gangster Squad yet? Check out the trailer bellow and post a comment bellow to let me know what you think of Grace’s style…

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