The Fashionista’s Holiday Shopping Guide

December 21, 2012
It is nearly happy holidays time…and along with festivities and cheer comes a long list of gifts to give to all your closest friends. Picking the right ‘prezzies’ is very difficult, and chances are you have at least one tough buy on your list. From the girl who has everything to the girl who insists she wants nothing….when your gal pals aren’t hinting, your job becomes 10 times harder. Looking for a hint on how to find the perfect gift for your girlfriends? Simply take a look at her personal style and you will instantly know what she really wants…

The best way to go about your gift shopping is to focus on what your friends and family already love…not the shiniest new gizmo on the market! When gift shopping this year think about each girl’s individual style. Fashion sense reveals a lot about a person and will help you pick the perfect gifts.

Without further ado, read on to decode what every style is lusting for this year.

Is this girl’s closet filled with trendy leather and glittery bling? You are shopping for the rocker-glam girl. This girl is cutting-edge and slightly outrageous when it comes to style, so reflect that in the gift you give her. Go novelty items this season with fun fake eyelashes, glittery barrettes, sparkling accessories, bold red lipstick. Remember: this chick is fearless with fashion; show her you know her with gifts that go “pow!”

Preppy, posh and oh so classic, this girl is all about classic staples when it comes to fashion. If you are shopping for a member of your clique’s prep squad this season stay classy with your gift choices! Vera Wang Preppy Princess perfume and lotion are recommended as well as cute flowery necklaces and earrings. One thing guaranteed to get your preppy pal smiling? A gift card to her favorite store: Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle and Topshop are perfect shops to send your classy girl shopping!

If your girl is all about sports embrace her athletic side with proactive presents. A cute water bottle, fun yoga tote or pair of pretty athletic pants make cute gifts. If you want to branch out more on the beauty side, make her a gift bag filled with your favorite waterproof finds (no more running makeup while she works out!) Shop with her sporty style on the mind, and you will do fine, darling!

Is this girl on your shopping list too girly for words? Shopping for this sweetheart is a cinch! Her style is all pink and chic and your gift to her should reflect it. Think rosy accessories (rings, necklaces and hair clips work best), pink nail polish and ribbon-and-bow embellished hoodies. Does this girly girl also have a tech-y side? Dress up her Smartphone case with a bedazzled cover – how perfect!

If you are shopping for a boho babe this holiday season, pick a gift she can wear. The boho look is big on baubles: from chunky rings and bangles to feathery necklaces, jewelry is big in boho. This holiday, get your girl one special signature piece of bohemian jewelry. From vintage to brand new there are so many unique pieces to give…have fun finding them!

…And it is that simple! Holiday shopping can’t be any simpler with these no-fail tips. Remember: the bast way to go about your holiday shopping is to think about the girl’s personal style and you can’t go wrong!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Tumblr, Polyvore
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